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Asus ET2040IUK – The New All in One Desktop PC from Asus

Space congestion is hitting us up even inside our houses, there are barely any space left for a gadget these days in a room in many households. Since that’s becoming the case, should you just ditch your desktop computer and be happy with a laptop computer for regular use instead? That doesn’t necessarily have to be the case when you can use the all new all in one desktop computer from this Taiwanese manufacturer; known as Asus ET2040IUK AIO PC.

Best fit for an AIO PC:

In most real life scenarios, a sleek computer needs to fit than a regular sized bulky desktop. For example, office cubicles, university libraries or computer labs or cyber cafes could be the prime consumers for the Asus ET2040. The computer is a fully-fledged desktop with all necessary features, and it would just fit perfectly into a minimal space. The 19.5 inch display is a pretty good one and this is the whole operating unit, there isn’t a different casing anything else. You don’t even need a UPS for emergency power backup because the Asus ET2040 AIO PC comes with a built in battery with 1 hour backup.

Asus all in one PC

Performance wise, the computer is good enough for everyday use.


If you take a look around from every corner, the Asus ET2040 AIO PC would appear to be a huge 19.5 inch tablet first. This almost looks like a big brother to the modern day tiny tablets but it’s a bigger power house. The display is 1366×768 pixels only; this should have been 1080p full HD at least. Still does every job at ease but the display could look little hazy to some people.

Apart from the display, the buttons and ports are placed all around the edges of this computer. The display supports touch and there’s even a webcam in the frontal panel.

There’s an adjustable stand in the rear side to make the computer stand like an LED Display, the speaker grills are placed on the same side. Overall judgment; the computer is near perfect for the places it is built for.

Specs and Configuration:

The Asus ET2040 IUK comes in two variants running Pentium Quad Core J2900 and Celeron Dual Core J8100 processor. Both these versions are otherwise identical, but the differences in processors impose a certain price gap. Both these computers have 2 GB of RAM and 500 GB of hard drive space. The camera on front is 1 MP, okay for video chats. The USB ports would let you use keyboards and mice; and the HDMI port lets you use another display or TV as the monitor. The computer comes with Windows 8.1 out of the box.


Currently in Indian markets, the computer sells for Rs. 20000 to Rs. 25000, on average. However, depending on the variant and specs the price could vary by a remarkable amount but not exceeding the range we have mentioned.


If you are still having confusion regarding the Asus ET2040IUK, you could check a video trailer up here directly from Asus.

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