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Killer tips for staying safe online

We all know, today internet has grown so fast in quick span of time it has become a part of our world. Today apart from real world, we find another world of internet where millions and millions of people active. Where we are keeping all our personal stuffs online like Money, Private stuffs [ Such as Personal images, messages & documents etc]. It becomes our sole responsibility to stay protected following the Tips for staying online safe mentioned.

Out of millions of active users today, 1000’s of people are everyday victim of Hacking, being exposed [badly] & many more criminal cases which completely spoiled their lives away. Apart from our personal activity & life, our PC, Mobile phones or Tablets may get hacked or gets damaged by viruses. Using certain precaution in your device can keep your devices safe and un-affected.

Due to advance technologies we all know today millions of transaction is done online today. Hacker’s are looking to hack your device using some software. In such situation if you have any good anti-virus software installed on your device. Following all tips mentioned below would help you to enjoy all the benefits you get from latest internet features & Facilities.

Proven Tips for Staying Online Safe:

Check all the tips below and stay safe:

Anti-Virus on your device:

Are you using any anti-virus??? If Yes!! Is it free?? If yes!! Do it really helps in protecting your PC? Yes, basically free anti-virus are not much strong enough to protect against all the virus that affects your device.

If free anti-virus is not strong enough to protect your device, why to use such software. I always recommend two paid Anti-virus which are extremely cool & very strong against any kind of virus protection. You May check Norton Secured Site and Kaspersky, which are considered as one of the best software for online and offline protection.

Computer virus and Trojans are designed so well to steal all your personal information and credit card information & other emails information highly used for hacking and spamming.

Hackers Prevention:

Whenever we talk about computer, Internet or technical stuffs, hackers are not so far away from you. There is knocking door each time you do anything, to keep it safe use personal firewalls & freshly updated. Hackers always try to find new ways, Firewalls prevent from hackers in accessing to your personal information by creating a barrier.

Online Pop ups ads & Scams:

Online ads and purchase basically depends on trust, however while surfing net around the web we find many pop ads & Scam contest. Where they try to grab your attention and get you involved in strange offers and scam stuffs.

Where you may be ask to invest some amount of money or download some stuffs [virus and browser ads] or some other spam stuffs. It has been growing very vastly in online field which hurts users trust in web. Kindly keep yourself away from such stuffs, while surfing internet online.

Online casino games are another way you can cut down your bank balance. Online casinos are becoming more and more popular due to good marketing techniques. Just be sure to play at a reputable site.

Strong Passwords:

If you are casual about your security you will soon get into the trap and get caught. Too keep your online accounts safe you must keep a strong passwords containing Alpha numeric passwords are very tough to crack it].

It is a very good practice to keep 2nd verification method for your account password login. It definitely gives you extra security + protection from hackers to access your personal accounts and information. Hackers can’t access your phone even though they succeed in breaking your password security.

Check Website security:

Before making any investment or purchase you must confirm checking website security. Whether the website gains any reputation or its fake?? Whether it is legal or just and scam??? How do you understand??

To understand whether the website is secure enough or not, you must check its contact number online, proper about us with all useful details showing its legal address and Trademarks etc. Also check its Disclaimer, privacy & all terms of use etc. After checking each and everything only you must consider making any purchase account on particular website.

Scam Calls & Emails:

Basically online have a big disadvantage because there are many fake teams who shoot and lottery winning mails. At the end they ask you to drop some money on bank account and takes it off, on same way you may get automated scam calls asking for sensitive information to take access on your personal information.

Social media Profiles security:

Social media has become a part of our life adding more importance and values to it. Basically it is seen that there are lots of tools which hackers use to steal your photo from Profile pictures & uploaded images in unprotected sites + videos. To stay away from such stuffs you must keep your images protected by keeping strong privacy.

All this above mentioned steps are verified and proven Tips to stay online safe. Try to follow up all the tips to keep your safe protected from all kind of risk you have while surfing internet. Hope this post would help you, Thanks Stay safe!!

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